Reactive Intelligence Wall

The Reactive Intelligence Wall™ offers a new way to experience your BlazePod®. The fixed wall setup creates new opportunities for activities & tests focusing on reaction time, neural priming & decision-making, while delivering consistent & reliable data that can be used to set personal and
group benchmarks. The RIW™ raises the bar for smart reaction training with an accessible & exciting platform.

The RIW™ is a platform designed to maximize the BlazePod® experience. Developed by BlazePod® experts, the RIW™ is a one-size-fits-all solution set in an intuitive & natural positioning, comprised of
6 pods, 6 pod bases & 6 wall mounts in a specific fixed setup with precise measurements.


You can download the setup guide here for IN. here, and CM here.

Want to learn more about the RIW? Take a look at our website for more information!


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