Collections: What are they?

The collection feature helps BlazePoders personalize & organize their content. With collections, you can create collection “folders” dedicated to specific goals, skills, and sessions in the most relevant & comfortable way for you.

This gives you a whole new way to organize your activities in such a way that you can continuously use BlazePod without restarting your sessions! A great example of this would be to use a collection named "Warm up". You add your favorite warm-up activities, and then can do them in a row!


There are 2 types of collections:

1. Your collections - you can create as many collections as you’d like with up to 100 activities, rearrange their order, and include a short description.

2. Collections that were created by BlazePod experts - get inspired with ready-to-use collections created by BlazePod® experts. These collections can’t be edited, but can be added to your Favorites.

Get ready to BlazePod faster than ever! 


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