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Welcome to BlazePod and congrats on joining our Community! This guide will help you navigate the BlazePod App and the Pods to help start your journey. Let’s dive in!

In this article: 

1. Unboxing your BlazePod experience 

2. Charging your pods

3. App download & registration 

4. Connecting your pods 

5. Updating your pod's version 

6. Getting to know the BlazePod app 


Unboxing your BlazePod experience

Let’s first unbox your brand-new BlazePod kit and kickstart your training!

The BlazePod Kit contains:

- 4 or 6 Pods

- Charging base

- Charging cable

- BlazePod case

- BlazePod App manual

You additionally have the option to add accessories or more Pods to your Kit! 


Getting Started 

Charging your Pods

Now that we've unboxed your new Pods, it's time to charge them up to get them ready to train! To charge your Pods:

  • Take out the micro USB cable provided with the kit and plug it into a wall charger.
  • Grab the charging base from within your kit and plug it into the micro USB cable.
  • Slowly stack your Pods one on top of the other. As the Pods begin to charge they should start blinking red or green. 

And that's it! Wait until the Pods are all blinking green to continue to the next step. 


Downloading the app & registration 

As your Pods are charging, let’s complete your BlazePod registration!

  1. First, head to the App or Play Store!
  2. Once downloaded, head into the app and tap on “Sign Up”
  3. You can then register using your email, Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts
  4. Once registered, if you have a Pro Membership code, please insert it here. If not, please tap on “Skip” at the bottom of the screen. For a more detailed guide on redeeming your membership code, please tap or click here.

  5. Please enter your information (height, weight, etc.). Please note this is only for your personal use! You may then choose a profile picture if you’d like to.
  6. We’re then at a crucial stage: Your interests! Please be as accurate as possible, as this will help the app determine which activities would best interest and suit you! You can always go back and change your preferences if needed as well. 

And that’s it! Once you’re done, you will be in the app. Time to start testing it!


Connecting your Pods

Your Pods are all charged up, blinking green, and you’ve registered! We’re now ready to connect your Pods to your device! In order to do so:

  • Navigate to the Pod connection screen on the top right-hand corner of the app 
  • Once there, you'll see your Pods under "Available Pods". To connect them, tap on the Bluetooth symbol next to the Pod.
  • You can additionally choose to enable "Auto-connect" for easier access! Simply tap on the A next to the Bluetooth symbol and that's it!

Once your Pods are connected you will see them under "Connected Pods". You can additionally tap the light bulb button to see which Pod specifically you're connected to. Give it a try! 


Updating your Pods

In order to get the best experience from your BlazePods, please update them to the latest firmware version. You can find the manual on how to update them here.


Getting to know the BlazePod app

We’ll now go through the BlazePod app, the heart and soul of your experience! For an in-depth app review, kindly follow this link to our App Manual.

The app is structured with 4 tabs on the bottom and two on the top:


The Training Hub

The Training hub is the central location for all your activities! It includes:

  • Your saved activities; the activities you have saved and can then easily access.
  • Create activity; the ability to create your own activity using various light logics. 
  • Your favorites; the activities you love the most, all in one central location.
  • Explore; the place to go to find new activities that may interest you! Our explore section holds all of our activities and can be filtered down to the ones you’d like.
  • Recent activities; All of your recently used activities!
  • Activities suggested for you; activities that we suggest you try out based on your interests and past usage.
  • Performance Tests; specific tests that you can use to truly test your progress and limits!

Analytics dashboard

The analytics tab is where all of your progress is kept! You can see all of your past activities' score histories along with all of the results from them. If you’re a Pro subscriber, you will have access to your analytic dashboard as well! You can additionally always export your results if needed to do further analysis!


Settings & Profile

Welcome to the last tab in the BlazePod App; your Settings & Profile!

Here you will find all of your settings in one convenient location. Let's quickly go over them:

  1. My Profile
  2. Manage Players
  3. Pod Settings
  4. App Sounds
  5. BlazePod Academy
  6. Support Center
  7. BlazePod Website
  • My Profile

Your place to view all of your personal settings! You can see your BlazePod membership status, change your password, and delete your account. You can also edit your profile, including adding a personalized photo for yourself! 

  • Manage Players

Here you can add, erase, or edit all of your players! Make sure to change their color to match their personality 😉

  • Pod Settings

This is another way to access your Pod Connection screen. That's basically it. We do apologize if this part was a bit boring but it's all we have!

  • App Sounds

Basically, turn on the App Sounds or turn them off! It's that simple!

  • BlazePod Academy

Here you will find various videos explaining the app and the Pods in more detail! Kindly let us know which one is the best edited, our editor needs lots of praise to continue working. It's in their contract. 

  • Support Center

Our FAQ can be found here, as well as our App Manual and the email you can use to contact us! It's super important for us to receive as much feedback as possible, so email as much as you want! Our team definitely will not be upset with us for writing this. 

  • BlazePod Website

As if you need more direction, this will take you directly to our website! There you may also find accessories, more Pods, and various information on how to use the Pods! Make sure to visit every once in a while, we tend to have lovely sales and it would be a shame to miss out on them! 


We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to the world of BlazePod! For a more in-depth look at the app, please follow this link to our app manual. You can also explore our Help Center, which has a variety of articles that will help you on your BlazePod journey. Finally, feel free to contact our support team if you need any help at all at

We hope to hear from you soon!

The BlazePod team 


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