What is BlazePod?

BlazePod is a holistic reaction training platform that guides your training from start to finish. Incorporate your Pods in activation, strength & conditioning, skills training, and rehabilitation to enhance training with visual cues that challenge you, your athletes and clients. Browse the BlazePod App and choose pre-made activities, and create, save and share your own. Navigate through different training features and measure performance down to milliseconds, analyze results with instant data to see where improvement is needed, and act on it!

Who is BlazePod for?

BlazePod can be used by anyone! We have users that range from athletes to physical therapists, and everything in between!

The BlazePod App

Which iOS and Android versions does BlazePod Support?

The BlazePod app is supported on Android versions 8 and up, and iOS versions 14 and up.

How many Pods can I connect to simultaneously?

The BlazePod system uses BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology. Almost all Apple devices fully comply with this standard, and some can connect up to 14 Pods. Android phone manufacturers vary. Kindly contact support@blazepod.com for more information.

BlazePod Pro Membership

What is the BlazePod Pro Membership?

The BlazePod Pro membership is our premium app that boosts your reaction training experience with a set of professional tools, designed for performance coaches, fitness trainers, and therapists. With BlazePod Pro you can bring your expertise to light with custom activities, motivate your clients with personalized exercises, measure their progress with Athlete Performance Tests, and use in-depth analytics to know exactly what to focus on.

Which plans does BlazePod offer for the membership?

We offer two plans within our platform with the purchase of every BlazePod Kit; BlazePod Basic plan and the BlazePod Pro Membership, which can be joined on a 6-month or annual subscription.

What is BlazePod Go? 

BlazePod Go is a completely free option for casual users! We offer 30+ predefined activities, as well as the ability to create your own activities based on our most popular light logic, random. 

Orders & Shipping 

When will my order ship?

All orders placed Monday - Friday before 1 PM PST ship within 24 hours. All orders placed after 1 PM PST will ship the following business day.

Note: Orders placed on weekends, special promotions (Black Friday/Cyber Monday), and holidays may take additional processing time due to increased order volume. Please allow an extra 1-2 days for order processing.

Where do you ship? Is shipping free?

We ship worldwide! Shipping is free to the US and within the EU. To calculate your shipping costs, please head to the checkout page and it will be there for you to see. 

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