Getting Started: Settings & Profile

Welcome to the last tab in the BlazePod App; your Settings & Profile!

Here you will find all of your settings in one convenient location. Let's quickly go over them:

  1. My Profile
  2. Manage Players
  3. Pod Settings
  4. App Sounds
  5. BlazePod Academy
  6. Support Center
  7. BlazePod Website

My Profile

Your place to view all of your personal settings! You can see your BlazePod Pro Membership status, change your password, and delete your account from here. You can also edit your profile, including adding a personalized photo for yourself!

Manage Players

Here you can add, erase, or edit all of your players! Make sure to change their color to match their personality 😉

Pod Settings

This is another way to access your Pod Connection screen. That's basically it. We do apologize if this part was a bit boring but it's all we have!

App Sounds

Basically, turn on the in App Sounds or turn them off! It's that simple!

BlazePod Academy

Here you will find various videos explaining the app and the Pods in more detail! Kindly let us know which one is the best edited, our editor needs lots of praise to continue working. It's in their contract. 

Support Center

Our FAQ can be found here, as well as our App Manual and the email you can use to contact us! It's super important for us to receive as much feedback as possible, so email as much as you want! Our team definitely will not be upset at us for writing this. 

BlazePod Website

As if you needed more direction, this will take you directly to our website! Make sure to visit every once in a while, we tend to have lovely sales and it would be a shame to miss out on them!






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