On our website you'll find a variety of accessories that can definitely enhance your BlazePod training experience.
The functional Adapter Kit - Includes:
  • 2 BlazePod adapters
  • 2 Suction cups
  • 2 Straps

The cone Adapter Kit - Includes:

  • 2 Cone Adapters
  • 2 BlazePod adapters
 The BlazePod BlazePod Case Includes:
  • Case for 6 Pods - can hold 6 Pods, charging base and a USB cable
  • Case for 4 Pods - can hold 4 Pods, charging base and a USB cable
You will have the option of purchasing single Pods, as well as our charging base and USB cable.
Please note that the charging base can charge up to 6 Pods at once, so if you have more than 6 you’ll need to buy another charging base.
If you have not purchased a BlazePod kit already, we recommend having at least 4 Pods and a charging base.
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