What is the activity duration?

The activity duration is how to set the amount of time you want to run the activity. You can choose between one of three options:

Hit โ€“ the activity will end after the numbers of hits that youโ€™ve set. This is a great setting when you want to perform a certain number of reps for a specific exercise, or want to have all of your team players complete a certain sports drill one after the other.  An example of this kind of drill is a soccer player rounding cones with the ball at his/her feet, tapping out a Pod, and then kicking the ball into the goal, followed directly by each of his/her teammates in turn until all the team has successfully completed the drill.

Timeout - the activity will end after the amount of time that youโ€™ve set. This setting is the most common way of ending an activity, getting as many reps as possible within an allotted time, trying to pace a certain distance, or just being able to monitor your time correctly.

Hit/Timeout - whichever comes first. Either you reach the number of hits you set, or the time you set runs out. This will help you limit 
your clients if need be, or push them to reach a higher tap-out goal in a limited time frame. As with many of the BlazePod settings, Hit/Timeout can be used as a progression, a regression, or just to keep the session in order.

To find out more on how to use the BlazePod settings, follow this link to the BlazePod manual.

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