What is Competition Mode?

Competition Mode is a setting to be used for a competitive activity. You can choose one of two competitive options:

Regular mode. This means that each player taps out his/her own light. This will make sure that each player is focused on his/her own specific goals - whether amount of personal hits, how fast he/she is reacting in relation to their previous tries, or whatever the specific goal may be.

First to hit mode. This mode means that the first player to tap out their light automatically taps out all competitors’ lights as well. This creates almost a mini competition within the competition of the activity as a whole. Each Pod creates its own battle. Just be careful… if one of your clients doesn’t have that competitive edge, he/she might quit early if they can’t successfully hit any of their Pods. But if you are a great motivator, or for those clients who naturally like to push themselves to success, you’ll see them pushing and pushing until they finally get one over their opponent!

To find out more on how to use the BlazePod settings, follow this link to the BlazePod manual.

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