What is the Lights Out setting?

Lights Out is the setting in which you can choose how to turn out the Pod’s lights during an activity. You can choose between one of three options:

Hit – tap out the Pod’s light to turn them off. Nothing beats a physical touch to feel the accomplishment of tapping out a Pod's light; it’s a great way to know that it’s YOU and not just the technology pushing you to your limits!

Timeout - the Pod’s light turns off after the amount of time that you’ve set.

Hit/Timeout - whichever comes first. Either you reach the Pod and tap out the light, or the time runs out and the next Pod lights up. You could use this setting for a basketball drill, for example, wherein a player tries to beat the defender and touch the Pod behind him before the time runs out. Or just use the setting to really challenge those reaction times with a short-range agility exercise. This one can really push those limits!

To find out more on how to use the BlazePod settings, follow this link to the BlazePod manual.

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