How do I turn out the Pod lights ?

There are two ways for the Pod's light to go off: Tap out, and Time out. With Tap out, you tap on the Pod itself to register a hit, and the Pod's light will go out. For time out, the Pod will go out after a preset amount of time passes. 

When hitting the Pods to turn out the lights, don’t forget to β€œTap Out;” don't push the Pods! Make sure to make firm contact with the Pods from above. It’s always best to let a new player practice tapping out the Pods before they first start an activity.

Tip: When using your Pods on a hard surface, try not to use the full force of your body weight with a foot tap out. Touch your foot in an angled push manner. You can use almost anything to tap out the lights, pressing firmly from above - knees, punching, medicine balls, tennis rackets, etc. The sky's the limit! 

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